Thursday, June 17, 2010

My reminder to myself to put down my cell phone.

I'm nearing the end of an exhausting week: crazy stock market, massive to-do list, restless sleep, lots of stress. I entered my house to a chorus of: “Daddy’s home!” My daughters whisked me away for an imaginary tea party. I sat there on the floor-exhausted & cranky, and wishing that I hadn't left my phone in the other room. Regardless, I accepted a refill of "rainbow flower" tea as my daughters adorned me with a pink feathery hat and a shiny necklace……and somehow my stress seemed to make a temporary exit.

It's a good thing that the constant chaos of parenthood forces me to forget my cell phone sometimes. It's hard to be stressed about your to-do list when you find yourself sitting on the floor, cell phone-less, half-cross-dressed, singing "Do Do Do Do Do Dora, Do Do Do Do Do Dora...". Accidentally leaving my cell phone inaccessible almost always leads to less stressful times. You should try it sometime. Just don't sing Dora whilst "accessorizing" unless you have daughters. Society will not like you.

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